Brace yourselves, nerds! If you thought Bones had outdone itself in terms of blood, guts and gore, think again. Hart Hanson has even more delectable murders up his sleeves, and fans can look forward to an epically disgusting crime scene when Season 8 comes back from hiatus on Monday, November 5th.

Check out the newest installment of “Breakfast with Bones” with Hart Hanson and executive producer Stephen Nathan, who are more than willing to dish on what we can expect. “It’s really hard [over the course of] 150 episodes to kill people in different ways,” Stephen says. “I’m thinking brains coming out of ** *** ******.”

Credit: Fox Broadcasting on YouTube Photo: Watch: Breakfast With Bones! Producers Talk Gruesome Murders and Creepy Corpses (VIDEO)

Um, consider us traumatized. Check out the video, and try not to vomit up your breakfast while watching!

Source: TV Line

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