The brand-new promo for Bones' Season 8, Episode 5 is 25 jam-packed seconds of bootylicious squinterns, cockroaches, and superstuds named Booth (David Boreanaz). We’ve parsed through every millisecond of promo content and created a detailed analysis of what’s to come! Live long and prosper, Baby Christinites.

Credit: TelevisionPromos on YouTube Photo: Promo for Bones Season 8, Episode 5 — How Many of Her Male Co-workers Do Brennan Slap on the Butt? (VIDEO)

0:01 – Brennan (Emily Deschanel) Stares Off Into Space, Looks Slightly Bemused
Thinking of all her dead tiger friends, probably.

0:03 – Rotating Skull Spins On A Lazy Susan
Damnit, Brennan, your fetish is getting creepy. Control these urges!

0:04 – Brennan Holds Up A Vial Of Blood
Sigh, don't tell us she's being framed for murder again. We can only take so much.

0:05 – Booth Describes Himself As Superman
Please, as if he'd ever be caught in nerd glasses.

0:06 – Montage of People Rolling Their Eyes
After eight years, it's a wonder they haven't murdered and dissected each other.

0:11 – Brennan Lines Up Her Squinterns

0:14 – Brennan "Reassuringly" Slaps Her Squinterns' Butts
Annnd, here comes the class action lawsuit.  

0:16 – The Gang Find A Dead Body With Skin
Um, next. Bones only, please.

0:17 – Hodgins (TJ Thyne) Makes Love To A Bunch Of Cockroaches
With his eyes.

0:21 – Brennan Slaps Booth's Butt
So that's how Baby Christine was made.

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