Ready for another fix of Bones? Get a jump start on Season 8, Episode 7: "The Bod in the Pod" with this roundup of every spoiler, sneak peek, and juicy tidbit out there! And don't forget to tune in Monday, November 19 at 8PM on FOX.


– This Week's Murder Suspect Is One Step Ahead of Brennan
Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is a major smartypants, but this week's murderer might be beat her at her own game.

– Synopsis Teases Cam's New Love Interest
Looks like Cam (Tamara Taylor) has a sexy piece on the side! Here’s a basic summary of what to expect.

– This Week's Episode Is Sunshine Cleaning-esque
Things are about to get messy on Bones...


Promo for Bones Season 8, Episode 7: "The Bod in the Pod"
Here's a sneak peek at November 19's all new Bones Season 8, Episode 7.

Our Frame-By-Frame Promo Analysis — Brennan Prepares For War!
The brand-new promo is 26 jam-packed seconds of terrifying supercomputers and O-faces. Check out our analysis!

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