Credit: FOX

Mark your calendars with a giant femur — July 30, 2012 shall henceforth be known as the day that Bones Season 8 began!

Even Bones showrunner Stephen Nathan tweeted his excitement over the big day, “#Bones first day of shooting. With some actual fake shooting.” At long last! Yet, as far away as the show’s September 17 premiere date seems for fans, it’s nonetheless impressive that the Bones cast and crew will be churning out Season 8 at such a clip — that’s a 7-week turnaround!

In the meantime, we’re starting to get some juicy spoilers about what Season 8 has in store — including a Jack the Ripper episode and an endangered exoctic animal episode. Stephen also tweeted this Season 8 promise: “I would like to reassure #Bones fans that, yes, you will be seeing a flaming rib cage flying through the air this season. My gift to you.”

Can’t wait!

Source: Twitter

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