Are you as thrilled as we are that Bones Season 8 is almost upon us? Get a jump start on the premiere episode, "The Future In The Past," with this comprehensive roundup of every spoiler, sneak peak, and juicy tidbit out there! And don't forget to tune in Monday, September 17th at 8PM on FOX.


David and Emily Wanted A Steamy Reunion For Booth And Brennan
We can't wait for B&B to reunite, but did you know it was the actors who insisted that the reunion take a turn for the steamy?

Booth Will Be Angry At Brennan When He Sees Her
Booth (David Boreanaz) isn't thrilled at Brennan (Emily Deschanel) for ditching him, but this isn't a simple case of right or wrong. Get ready for manmotions to run high!

– The Reunion Will Be Bittersweet (And Spicy!)
During Comic-Con, David Boreanaz joked that Booth should put Brennan "up on the washing machine and just go at it," during their reunion, and apparently his suggestion didn't go  unnoticed!


Episode Synopsis Teases New Murder Mystery
Looks like the remains of a high school guidance counselor are what brings Booth and Brennan back together!

In-Depth Promo Analysis
Check out our frame-by-frame analysis of the promo. Is Agent Flynn a friend or an enemy?

Trashy Motel Gets Featured In Series Opener
David Boreanaz tweeted a few on-set pics from the season premiere. This must be where Brennan is hiding out in her hilarious blonde wig!

The Season Premiere Will Be A Cliffhanger
Hart Hanson says the premiere will end on a mysterious note, and adds that it "might be our best season opener.” Color us intrigued!



Credit: YouTube Photo: Promo For Bones Season 8: Brennan’s Still on the Run — But Now She’s a Blond! (VIDEO)
Credit: FoxBroadcasting on YouTube Photo: Promo #2 for Bones' Season 8 Premiere: Baby Christine Looks So Much Older! (VIDEO)
Credit: FOX via TV Line Photo: Watch: Bones Season 8's Brand New Opening Title Sequence — Featuring Baby Christine! (VIDEO)

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