We were mind blown by the dramatic twist at the end of Bones' epic Season 8 premiere! Can you believe that our favorite mega-nerd / serial killer was able to change his identity and morph into an Egyptian, all while living in a jail cell? That takes some serious skills, but we're a bit hazy on the details. Luckily, executive producer Hart Hanson is more than willing to explain.

"There is no digital record of Pelant left and, much more importantly, there is a very complete digital record, including fingerprints and DNA, for Bassam Alfayat — so much so that his embassy is outraged on his behalf and gets him the hell out of Dodge,” Hart tells Entertainment Weekly.

Wait, so what happened to all of Pelant's records in the FBI database? “The name ‘Christopher Pelant’ does not exist in the digital world — he exists on paper alone," Hart explains. "Law enforcement could do a very thorough analog search and find written/typed/paper evidence that he exists but by that time, using digital information, the man once known as Christopher Pelant will be out of the country and untraceable.”

Sigh, we always had Pelant pegged as a Magic The Gathering player, but it looks like he actually spent his formative years researching Egypt. Who knew? In other news, Hart dishes on Special Agent Flynn, and why he picked up that marigold in such a nefarious manner. Is he working with Pelant?! “It seems as though that might possibly be possible…,” Hart teases. 

Looks like there's only one thing left to do, squinterns. Tune into Bones' all new episode next week. Is it Monday yet?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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