The dream of the ‘90s is alive on Bones, gang! Our favorite Fox crime drama is taking a leaf out of Portlandia, IFC's hilarious show that makes fun of ‘90s-core hipsters in Portland. Expect everyone to "put a bird on it," eat Kale chips, and wear oversized plaid button downs. In other words, Booth's (David Boreanaz) personal hell.

"If Portlandia did an episode of Bones, we’re doing one," Stephen Nathan tells Entertainment Weekly. "It’s Bones meets Portlandia in a murder-y sort of way. Think we can get Fred Armisen?”

OMG, someone pass the gluten-free organic soy chips, we can't contain our excitement! Then again, aren't those hippies in Portland too peace-loving and free-spirited to murder anyone? Can't wait to see B&B slip into some skinny jeans and solve the case!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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