Credit: Greg Gayne/FOX

Everyone's favorite psychopathic mega nerd is back and ready to attack! We fell in love with Bones' Christopher Pelant after he murdered his first couple townies, but now that he's become a Egyption dignitary we're straight-up obsessed. Yes, he's a murderer, and yes he probably plays Magic the Gathering in his free time, but he's just so lovable! In like, a deranged way.

If you feel the same way about Pelant as we do, you'll be thrilled to know that he's making his triumphant return when Bones returns from hiatus during an episode airing in late January. According to TV Line the episode is "24-eque," and Stephen Nathan says it "opens with a body being discovered with Angela [Michaela Conlin] and Hodgins [TJ Thyne] in their bed. It's a phenomenal episode that escalates the Pelant story." a body is discovered while Hodglandia are snuggling in bed, or a body is discovered in Hodglandia's bed? Because the latter option is definitely creeping us out. Enough with these weird fetishes, Hodge Podge!

Source: TV Line