As we wait patiently for Bones to start back up again TOMORROW, we’ve been collecting every spoiler we can find that might give clues about what we can expect in Season 8. Here are the top five most-clicked spoiler articles of the week.

1. Spoiler Clip of Bones’s Season 8 Premiere: Booth and Brennan Are Reunited — and Immediately Start Kissing! (VIDEO)
Absence makes the heart grow... horny?

2. Promo #2 for Bones' Season 8 Premiere: Baby Christine Looks So Much Older! (VIDEO)
They grow up so fast!

3. Spoiler Clip of Bones’s Season 8 Premiere: “The Future in the Past” — Baby Christine Misses Her Daddy! (VIDEO)
And she’s talking already. So cute.

4. Bones Season 8: Booth’s Mom is Coming — and She’s Going to Meet Brennan!
That could certainly be... interesting.

5. Bones Season 8 Spoilers: Why Is Brennan Starting to “Resent” Booth?
She has her reasons. Do you think they’re warranted?

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