Credit: Patrick Ecclesine/FOX/Twitter/ Patrick Ecclesine/FOX

The time has come to put down that human skull and slip into some bejeweled spandex. Yep, Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) will be busting a seriously swanky move during Bones' forthcoming Dancing With The Stars inspired episode (Season 8, Episode 8)!

So far, we know that the episode is titled "The Diamond on the Rough," and that Booth and Brennan will be going undercover as dancers in a reality competition. Oh, and Booth will be getting shirtless. Sigh, our wildest dreams are coming true!

Credit: Patrick Ecclesine/FOX/Twitter/ Patrick Ecclesine/FOX

Itching for more info? The folks over at TV Line have broken the news that B&B will pose as ballroom dancers, which means they'll have to learn some snazzy footwork to keep up with their competitors! Even better? So You Think You Can Dance's Mary Murphy and Tyce Diorio will appear as themselves in the episode, while SYTYCD alum and Dancing With the Stars pro Dmitri Chaplin will guest star as — what do you know?  — a pro dancer.

Fingers crossed that Mary Murphy is the murderer, because really? Her devastating good looks could kill.

Source: TV Line

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