Credit: Greg Gayne/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Hodgins Proposes to Angela in Bones Season 5, Episode 20: "The Witch in the Wardrobe"

Now that the Season 6 return of Bones is less than two weeks away (hooray!), we're hearing more about what the upcoming episodes may reveal. Bones producer Stephen Nathan spilled some tantalizing details to Give Me My Remote about a couple Angela/Hodgins plot points we can look forward to.


Although Angela and Hodgins are a "a good, solid couple," Nathan admitted they may have some problems adjusting to pregnancy and their new life as parents. He said, "Really what I can say is all pregnancies have their ups and downs. And all couples have huge emotional ups and downs during the pregnancy, and Hodgins and Angela will be no different. They will be forced to confront a whole new life that's coming, that's going to be presented to them and there could conceivably be difficulties along the way."


Hodgins himself is certainly one of a kind. We learned early on that he's the lone surviving Hodgins, and thus (technically) the boss of everyone in the lab. (His family's trust is the largest donor to the Jeffersonian.) But could Hodgins have some family — even a long lost cousin — somewhere? Nathan hinted that we could learn more about the Hodgins line, saying, "We might be finding out some secrets from Hodgins. But that's the second half of the season and we haven't locked [that] down yet.

Source: GMMR