Credit: Greg Gayne/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Hodgins Proposes to Angela in Bones Season 5, Episode 20: "The Witch in the Wardrobe"

With a new house and a baby on the way, things have been going swimmingly for Hodgela. So we were sad to learn that in two weeks’ time — in “The Killer in the Crosshairs” episode — a very pregnant Angela is going to experience some complications. She talked to Give Me My Remote about her character’s pregnancy on Bones, saying, “I do have a new script waiting for me and I hear that there is some things in that script that are slightly complicated.”

She doesn’t reveal much more because, “I have not read it yet.” But she will say that when it comes to the fake belly, “It’s just been really, really fun getting to show a whole other side of the character with the pregnancy.”

And it may not be a happy side. “There’s going to be a bump in the road with the pregnancy,” Stephen Nathan told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich. “They’re going to be dealing with some events they didn’t see coming.”

Sources: Give Me My Remote, TVLine

Credit: Give Me My Remote Photo: BONES: Michaela Conlin teases an upcoming complication in Angela's pregnancy