Credit: David Livingston/Getty Images Photo: Eric Millegan at the Opening Night of White Christmas at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood on November 28, 2005

If we had to guess the one question Bones fans like to ask the most, it would have to be, “Will Zack (Eric Millegan) ever come back?”

Since our crystal ball is out getting polished, we have to take executive producer Stephen Nathan’s word for it when he tells TV Line, “Eric was a very important part of the show for the time he was on the show. Whether he comes back is partly a schedule of scheduling and partly a function of how the show is working now,” Nathan says.

“He is locked up in the fiction of the show and that makes it difficult for him to return — as well as Eric‘s schedule. We have some new viewers, many of whom don’t really know Zack. So while we’ve always loved him on the show, it’s not a priority at this point, as much as we love Eric.”

This makes us sad, especially since we know that Millegan loved his time on the Fox drama. He recently tweeted his favorite part about playing Zackaroni: “The opportunity to act, which I love. The people were great too.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t even look like a wad of cash could help our cause. When one fan asked if he could bribe someone to get Zack back on Bones, we could hear our hearts breaking with his reply, “Nope, sorry.”


Source: TV Line

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