We hate it when Mom and Dad fight — especially when those parents happen to be Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz). The two had a nasty spat in Bones Season 8, Episode 15, “The Shot in the Dark,” and according to TV Guide, the couple is still having trouble. 

Despite Brennan’s near-death experience, she and Booth still aren’t communicating well. And the doctor is having issues in her professional life, too.

New squintern Oliver Wells (Brian Klugman) “is completely unintimidated by Brennan. He does respect her, but he doesn't revere her," executive producer Stephen Nathan says. "That's a new thing for these interns because [Brennan] holds their future in her hands. He has so many degrees and is so accomplished, he doesn't need her. It's very disorienting and disconcerting for her."

Has Brennan met her Jeffersonian match?

Source: TV Guide

Credit: YouTube Photo: Bones Promo of Season 8, Episode 16: "The Friend in Need"