Credit: Greg Gayne/FOX © 2008 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Hodgins, Angela and Clark Work in the Lab in Season 4's "Yanks in the U.K."

If ever there were an award out there that’s super-appropriate for Bones, it’s the S.E.T. — the Science, Engineering, and Technology award for various media “portraying and promoting the fields of science, engineering, technology and math.”

Granted, there’s not much math involved in Bones, but the show more than makes up for that dearth with its abundance in the other categories! This year, “The Plain in the Prodigy” won Bones an SET, placing our favorite procedural among such other television greats as Burn Notice and Law and Order: SVU.  (You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to view the PDF... or you could just take our word for it!)

It’s always good to see Bones getting recognition, big or small!

Source: PR Web