Credit: Fox Press Site Photo: Booth and Brennan on a Trunk - Bones Promo Photo

Bones Season 9? Showrunner Stephen Nathan Signs Two Year Contract With Fox

Good news, squinterns! We already know that Bones Season 8 starts in September, but we could be inching closer and closer toBones sealing the deal on a 9th season!

BREAKING: David Boreanaz Looks Insanely Hot at Photo Shoot (PHOTO)

Um, you guys — Bones’ summer hiatus has been very good to David Boreanaz.

Bones Producer Teases “Gruesome” Season 8

Executive producer Stephen Nathan stirred up some butterflies in our abdominal cavity when he shared some delicious news via Twitter!

Bones Season 7 Finale Inspires Adorable Blog: Where In The World Is Temperance Brennan?
Thanks to the brilliant blog "Where Is Temperance Brennan?" we have some inside scoop on where Mama B and Baby C are hiding out!

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