David Boreanaz Talks Bones Season 8 at Comic-con — "I Never Said I Wasn't Coming Back!" (VIDEO)

David Boreanaz sat down with TVLine's Michael Ausiello at Comic Con 2012 and dished on all things Bones.

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz Explain The Bones Sex Scene That Never Was

The two stars revealed their thoughts on the Bones’s producers decision to leave Brennan and Booth’s baby-making to fans’ imaginations.

David Boreanaz Reveals His Ideal Series Ending for Bones: “Just Put The ‘Do Not Disturb’ Sign On”

David opened up to recently about whether or not he has a preference for how the series ends. His answer might surprise you!

David Boreanez Talks About Leaving Bones: "The Options Are Always Open"

David gave Bones fans a collective heart attack when he took it to Twitter to break the news that he's a “free agent.” What. Is. Happening?! He explains.

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