Credit: David Livingston/Getty Images Photo: Eric Millegan at the Opening Night of White Christmas at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood on November 28, 2005

We've been clamoring for the return of Dr. Zack Addy on Bones ever since he got unceremoniously written out back in Season 3, so we were pleasantly surprised to discover a new website created for the sole purpose of petitioning for the return of our favorite squintern.

The website is called (appropriately enough) Bring Back Zack. As expected, it's a great resource for steps you can take to help get Zack back on Bones as a recurring character. Their suggested tips include Tweeting at Bones creator Hart Hanson and Executive Producer Stephen Nathan, as well as sending a good old-fashioned snail mail letter to the folks at Fox.

Bring Back Zack also has some other goodies, namely a contest where you can win a Bones Season 1 poster, a Season 2 poster with the entire cast, and a T-shirt. To win, write up a ditty about why you think Zack should be brought back. It's as simple as that! They are announcing the winner the first or second week of February, so hurry and get your entry in. You know all those frustrations you had at the end of Season 3? Time to get your pen working and let 'em out!

Source: Bring Back Zack