Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Twentieth Century Fox Television Photo: COVER Photos! Bones and The Finder Stars Chill Out at a Fox Network Party

“Every crime show,” BuzzFeed says, “seems to have its few characters who are just a little bit tougher than the rest of the gang.” When it comes to Bones, we can turn that plural into a singular, because there’s just one tough guy who stands head and shoulders above the rest! BuzzFeed seems to agree, having named Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) as one of the top-ten “Most Badass Agents On TV.” (Don’t tell Hacker!)

We can’t help raising our eyebrow at the placement, however — Booth comes in at ninth, under Horatio Caine (at second)? Come to think of it, we might — *puts on sunglasses* — have a bone to pick with BuzzFeed.


Source: BuzzFeed

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