It seems like just yesterday we said goodbye to poor ol’ Vincent Nigel-Murray (Ryan Cartwright). But just because he’s gone from Bones doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about him. Thankfully, he has a new home on the SyFy channel’s show, Alphas, and we can see him every Monday night starting July 11.

But if you are lacking in the patience department then a) you’re a lot like us, and b) you’ll fully appreciate this early preview of Ryan on the Alphas set thanks to director Jeffrey Hunt. 

Credit: via Jeffrey Hunt's Twitter Photo: Ryan Cartwright On Set Filming SyFy Channel's Alphas

He tweeted the above photo of our formerly favorite squintern on screen in his latest role as Gary Bell, and we have to say he looks just as adorable as we remember.

Source: Twitter

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Credit: Photo: Relive the Moment: Hodgins' and Vincent's Epic Man Vs. Dinosaur Arm Wrestle