Credit: Ellis Parrinder Photography Photo: David Boreanaz Suits Up for a Photoshoot With Ellis Parrinder

File this one away in the “Twitter claims another victim” cabinet!

“I hate New Years resolutions,” David Boreanaz (Booth) tweeted on December 31... and if we had to guess, we’d say that he tweeted it rather loudly. “Ok, how bout No social media or cell phone for a whole year! Who’s in?”

Now, monitoring Twitter is part of what we at Wetpaint love, so we couldn’t join Boreanaz in anti-social media solidarity. But we can’t help wondering how many other poor souls said “challenge accepted”... only to find Boreanaz heralding in the new year not twenty-four hours later via Twitter!

Then again, we guess that the people who took DB up on his offer would have no way of knowing that he’s succumbed to the Twitter temptress — assuming, at least, that they’re taking their resolutions more seriously!

Source: Twitter


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