Wave your femurs in the air like you just don't care, squinterns  today, October 11th, is Emily Deschanel's (Temperance Brennan) birthday! As you might expect, Emily is one popular lady, and her Bones co stars can't get enough of her charming smile and dry humor. Check out their birthday wishes to Em on Twitter!

David Boreanaz (Booth):

We like the way this man's mind works.

Bones Executive Producer Hart Hanson:

How cute is it that he calls her "our Emily!"

Bones Producer Dean Lopata (check out his pic!):

Check out the link in Dean's tweet –– you won't regret it.

Michaela Conlin (Angela):

Awww, aren't these guys the sweetest? Of course, Em has also gotten lots of birthday love from fans, and she's giving them a shoutout:

Happy birthday, Emily!

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