Credit: TJ Thyne on Twitter Photo: TJ Thyne, Eric Millegan and Tamara Taylor on August 25, 2011

Our hearts literally leapt into our throats for a second when we saw this! It’s a picture tweeted by TJ Thyne (Hodgins) on August 25. That’s TJ on the left, and his Bones co-star Tamara Taylor (Cam) on the right.

But in the center? None other than Eric Millegan (Zack Addy)!

Former Squintern Zack may have been written off Bones back in Season 3, but we certainly haven't forgotten him! When we last spoke to Eric, the actor said there were no plans in the work for Zack’s return — but who says things couldn’t have changed by now?

Unfortunately, TJ’s tweet gave no such confirmation. The actor said only, “Look who Tamara & I kidnapped for a birthday shopping spree. Mmmhmm. Yup. Zackaroni! :0)”

It seems the mini-Bones reunion was simply a meeting of old friends — not a behind-the-scenes pic from filming like we would have hoped! Unless TJ is just trying to be tricky, that is ...

Couldn’t Bones at least spring for a small little guest star role? Or something like that? We still haven’t given up hope of a Zack return quite yet!

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