Credit: Photo Illustration: Wetpaint Entertainment/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment Photo: Emily Deschanel With a Talking Baby Bump

Is it just us, or did anyone else think that Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan‘s (Emily Deschanel) baby was going to be … you know … cuter?

Last week, Bones filmed Brennan’s much-hyped birth scene, so it’s only natural that the show would need a little Baby B on set. We just didn’t think that the poor kid would look like something out of our gallery of Bones’ grossest moments!

On December 21, David Boreanaz’s tweet this photo of Booth’s new little girl. “Animatronic babies on set. #Chucky,” he wrote.

So yes. We realize this isn’t actually the REAL face of Baby Bones. (Thank goodness. We don’t think our poor Bones-loving hearts could take it.)

Still, if the animatronic youngster is already on set, we can’t imagine that a glimpse of the real, live baby can be too far behind!

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