Earth-shattering news, Bones fans. Our favorite crime dramedy's executive producer, Hart Hanson, has a brand new project on the docket, and it looks amazing!
Deadline reports that CBS has officially asked Hart to produce a pilot for Backstrom, an hour-long drama based on the book series by Leif G.W. Persson. The plot centers on an overweight and politically incorrect detective (think House but more murder), and promises to be full of jaw-drops. Better start packing on the pounds, David Boreanaz. We fully expect you to apply for the job.  
The Backstrom books are hugely popular in Scandinavia, and Hart Hanson is the perfect choice to adapt them into a televised series thanks to his experience on Bones (which is based on novels by Kathy Reichs). Expect Backstrom to be a huge success!

Source: Deadline

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