Credit: Twitter Photo: John Francis Daley's Mustache

We'd like to start this out with an apology. This poll should have gone online hours ago, but we were rendered temporarily blind as a result of seeing this photograph of John Francis Daley, wherein he is sporting what we think is supposed to be a mustache.

John captioned his mustachioed photo with the question "Does this mustache automatically put me on the registered sex offenders list?" To which we say, yes — yes, it does John. The only time when mustaches like this are appropriate is in the 1970s, hipster Williamsburg, or if you’re looking to join Mumford & Sons — but then, of course, you’d need a vest, too.

All we can say is that Baby Christine's IQ has dropped to 150 thanks to this photo. You are ruining fictional childhoods, Creepy JFD Mustache! That being said, who amongst you thinks John looks kind of sexy? You know, in a Weird Al Yankovic meets Burt Reynolds kinda way. Anyone?

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