Next week’s Bones Season 8, Episode 3 is titled  “The Gunk in the Garage.” And just in case you were wondering, the “gunk” in question is actually the remains of a human corpse... that was blown up by a bomb.

Want a closer look at what’s in store? We’re breaking down the promo for the episode and analyzing it second-by-second, frame by frame. Take a look at everything that went down.

Credit: TelevisionPromos on YouTube Photo: Promo for Bones Season 8, Episode 3: “The Gunk in the Garage” — Guess Who's Face Gets Covered in Human Remains! (VIDEO)

00:01 — “Next Monday”
Brennan walks through a dark and dangerous-looking crime scene. Sirens and lights are flashing all around. Oh look: A bloody, severed head. Fun.

00:02 — “Was a murder victim really a victim?”
He looks pretty dead to us. Sweets shows her a photo of his face.“Your husband was found dead this morning.” Distraught wife: <>

00:05 — Wait a second. That guy running up to her house looks familiar.
Shocked/distraught wife lets out another gasp. “That is my husband!”

00:07 — Now she’s just a tiny bit mad at Sweets.
“How could you put me through this?” She stomps on his foot as hard as she can. Sweets: “Ow! Owwwww!”

00:10 — “Or a doppelganger?”
Sorry, lady. We really are. But is it the team’s fault that your husband happened to have a random, totally off-the-radar identical twin?

00:11 — Well, maybe not totally identical.
Doppelganger #1 has slightly better hair. Sorry, Doppelganger #2.

00:12 — Dr. Brennan is on the case!
“I know who it is, Booth.”

00:13 — “But this next case will baffle everyone.”
That includes you, Dr. B. Sorry!

00:14 — Booth looks very confused.
“Bones made a mistake?” Hah. We’ll believe that when we see it. Cam: “Really?” Sweets: “It’s even starting to sound weird to me.”

00:17 — “Until they face the truth...”
Hodgins is back at that creepy dark crime scene. He lifts his head to look up towards the garage roof. And...

00:19 — SPLAT!
A giant glob of human insides drops right on top of his face.

00:20 — Cam is here to help... sorta.
“Don’t move,” she warns. Hodgins just has one minor request. “Could you take the bigger pieces off first?”

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