Credit: Patrick Ecclesine/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Leo, Willa, Walter, and Isabel in a Poster for The Finder

Even if The Finder’s not looking to be your thing, you have to admit that the sundry Bones cameos to come will make for a reason to watch! The fledgling series’s second episode, pithily title “Bullets,” will feature our favorite psychologist in the world, Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley), who heads down to Florida to help Walter (Geoff Stults) with that head thing he’s got going on.

And you can get an eyeful of Sweets doing his thing at BuddyTV, where a Finder slide show is just begging to be feasted upon by ravenous Bones fans. Check out Sweets giving Leo (Michael Clarke Duncan) the gimlet eye, and watch as Sweets busts out a pocket-watch for some bona-fide hypnosis. Hey, why don’t we ever get to see Booth (David Boreanaz) hypnotized, huh?

By the way — best caption from BuddyTV?  “Did Walter find a CD case? That’s not terribly impressive.”

Source: BuddyTV


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