Credit: Adam Taylor/FOX Photo: Hannah Burley Returns from Afghanistan in Season 6, Episode 2: "The Couple in the Cave"

Now that Brennan has admitted she loves Booth and doesn't want to have regrets, we've been chomping at the bit to see where that will take the Booth/Hannah/Brennan triangle in the next episode, "The Body in the Bag."

In the eppy, Booth, Brennan, and squintern Clark Edison investigate a body found in a socialite's shower. Clark helps ID the victim — an employee of a counterfeit handbag distributor — through skeletal reconstruction... and other evidence left in the drain. To solve the case, the team pieces together testimony from the self-centered socialite and secret video footage.

Outside the lab, Angela and Hodgins discuss where they want to raise their bambino. It'd be fun to go house shopping with Hodgins: You could pay cash for any mansion that suited your fancy.

Also, Booth tells Hannah that Brennan opened up about her feelings for him. But does he tell Hannah that he started the whole ball rolling with his declaration of love last year? We'll find out soon!

Reminder: Tune in for Bones' 10th episode on Thursday, January 20, at 9 PM (not 8 PM) — the show's new, post-Idol time slot. 

Source: Community Live Journal