Remember back in ye olden days when David Boreanaz (Agent Seeley Booth) was Angel on Buffy The Vampire Slayer? It was a simpler time (aka the 90s) when David had mysteriously spiked hair and sometimes dressed up in an ascot. A beautiful era when he muttered delicate musings like "I fed on a girl your age" and "When you become a vampire, the demon takes your body."

We were huge fans of David's Buffy alter-ego, and we're not alone. MTV reality super star, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is a straight-up Angel stan, and finally got a chance to meet her teenage idol in person! "I would scream ANGEL! #LOVEHIM" Snooki posted on Instagram along with a photo of herself, David and JWOWW.

Is anyone else as excited about this meeting of the minds as we are? Hopefully David can talk the Bones Powers That Be into giving the Snookster a cameo on our favorite crimedy. We'd love to see her play some deranged serial killer with a fetish for meatballs.

Source: Instagram