Inside a Beverly Hills estate, a famous actress and former Playboy Playmate lay dead and rotting for more than a year while fan mail piled up in her mailbox. Long after her corpse had become unrecognizable, a neighbor stumbled across the former beauty’s body and alerted the authorities. But before you go trying to figure out which episode of Bones this grim scenario hails from, get this: It’s a true story.

Credit: Adam Taylor/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Brennan and Arastoo in Season 6, Episode 21: "The Signs in the Silence"

Tuesday, May 3, LA Weekly reported that 82-year-old Yvette Vickers, an actress best known for the cult classic Attack of the 50-Foot Woman, was found in her home, dead for over a year. We pity the poor neighbor who made the unwelcome discovery — much like the innocent folks who happen upon the corpses in Bones. Wouldn’t want to be them!

We think this twisted tragedy would make for a great Bones episode. Would you watch it?