Here we are racking our brains over who's going to propose to whom in the Valentine's Day episode of Bones, and now we find out there will actually be two!

Two! As in, maybe Booth proposes to Hannah, she turns him down, and he turns around and proposes to Brennan.

Another potential scenario: Booth proposes to Hannah, she accepts, and Brennan turns around and proposes to Sully. Remember Sully, the sexy agent who wanted to be with Brennan — before she turned him down for reasons unknown? Of course, that had something to do with Booth; how could it not? But now that she's been thinking about "regrets," Sully could certainly become one of them.

As if the two proposal teaser isn't enough, apparently these proposals will "shake things up substantially." According to "Ask Ausiello" on, Booth and Brennan are "going to be spending Valentine's Day together." Even better? They will be "alone."

We. Can't. Wait.

Source: TV Line