From the nasty, corpse-and-remains-filled gross outs to the unexpectedly sexy moments, there were more than a few standout scenes in Monday’s Bones Season 8, Episode 2: "The Partners in the Divorce.” Here are our top 3 OMG moments of the night.

1. Booth gets his shoe full of brain goo!

Poor Booth (David Boreanaz). After all those weeks on desk duty, we bet it felt good to be back in the field again. Until our favorite cocky crime solver just so happened to step in a giant pile of human remains. Welcome back to work, buddy. Brennan (Emily Deschanel), of course, dealt with the entire incident by calling upon her typical no-nonsense approach. “Don’t step in the brain, Booth.” What was he thinking, contaminating evidence like that? The nerve of some people.

2. Booth holds Brennan’s feet — as she dangles off the side of a building.

See guys? Even in the middle of their biggest and nastiest fight, Booth and Brennan still trust each other with their lives. Why else would Dr. B feel so comfortable propelling herself down a construction chute inches away from falling off the side of a building and barreling towards  certain death if she wasn’t so confident about placing her life (or more literally, her ankles) in Booth’s hands?

Yes, that is the only conclusion that we’re choosing to draw from watching this scene. Because focusing on B&B’s bitter, anger-filled blowout just makes our hearts feel too inescapably sad.

3. Booth tells Brennan “I’ll fart when I kiss you.”

Credit: FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Worried that B&B’s relationship is in danger of getting too polite and or not authentic enough? Booth has the perfect solution. He’ll just pass gas in the middle of one of their steamy makeout sessions. Way to sacrifice for the sake of romance, man. Of course, Booth didn’t actually emit any unpleasant bodily noises during the cute little B&B smoochfest that followed, but we seriously thought for a second that he just might.

Can you imagine if Hart Hanson and Co. actually decided to end their episode that way? Cue the music. Soften the lighting. Fade out to end scene, and... fart. And you thought there was a surprise ending in last week’s episode. Hah.

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