Credit: FOX © 2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Bones' Agent Booth vs The Finder's Walter Sherman

We've finally come to an end of all these weeks without out a new episode! Check out our episode guide for what to expect when Bones returns tonight, April 2nd. Here's the history of the hiatus:


Credit: FOX © Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: The Finder's Geoff Stults as Walter and Michael Clarke Duncan as Leo in a Convertible

  • Every Thursday at 9 PM after that, be prepared for all-Finder, all the time. The show is taking over Bones’ usual slot.
  • On April 2nd, Bones returns... but there's a twist!  That's a Monday! Bones is moving to Monday! And not only that, but the show is on an HOUR earlier: at 8pm instead of 9pm.

Plus, in tonight's Season 7, Episode 7, “The Prisoner in the Pipe,” … Brennan is going to give birth! (We’re fairly certain she’ll be the cutest baby ever.)

See? Good things really do come to those who wait.

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