Not soon enough... and too soon. Bones Season 6 returns from a three-week hiatus on April 7, and that night’s all-new episode kicks off a seven-part end-of-season run.

If you do the math, that puts the season finale on May 19.

The current break may seem long, but once Bones comes back we’ll get seven straight weeks of fresh B&B action. What could be better than that? OK, there is one thing: a Booth-and-Brennan hookup.

Here are the upcoming episodes, and we hope B&B give in to their animal selves in at least one of them. After all, they both have excellent stamina.
April 7: “The Feet on the Beach
April 14: “The Truth in the Myth,” written by John Francis Daley (Sweets)
April 21: Bones’ crossover episode with The Finder, the new spin-off series
April 28: “The Pinocchio in the Planter”
May 5: “The Sign in the Silence”
May 12: “The Hole in the Heart”
May 19: The Change in the Game