Credit: David Livingston/Getty Images/Eugene Byrd/Hart Hanson on Twitter Photo: Zack Addy, Daisy Wick, and Lance Sweets: Who Should Be Baby Bones' Nanny?

Now that we know exactly which episode Baby Bones’ birth will take place — we can’t help but wonder how the show dynamic will change once she gets here.

One thing’s for sure: Mom and Dad both have full-time jobs, so the baby is going to need a nanny. In a recent interview, Bones creator Hart Hanson dished that he already had the perfect nanny in mind.

“I won’t tell you who, but I’ll tell you someone you know from the world of Bones ends up being the caretaker of the baby,” Hart said.

Who could it be? The possibilities are almost endless, but we’ve rounded up a few beloved Bones characters we’d love to see try and tackle the job: