We know it's a new year and whatever, but hands up if you're still in mourning over the death of Swaisy? We'll never forget how Sweets (John Francis Daley) ripped Daisy's (Carla Gallo) heart out of her chest and stomped all over it during this season on Bones, but it looks like he's having some serious second thoughts.

Sweets and his squintern lover will run into each other for the first time when Bones returns to hiatus with "The Twist in the Plot," and it looks like Sweets is getting all kinds of emo. “He will be facing his breakup with her,” Stephen told TV Line back in November. “And dealing with whether he made a mistake or not.”

Credit: via Bones Picture Arcive/Flickr.com

Turns out Sweets and Daisy have to work together on a case, and now Stephen's telling TV Line that “they’re both nervous about seeing each other.” Oh, and if you're wondering if they'll have a confrontation, the answer is yes! "They do confront each other [about the split],” Stephen reveals. 

Thank the good lord. Let's hope Sweets realizes the error of his ways and goes back to doing what he does best: Having weird public sex with Daisy in the Jeffersonian. 

Source: TV Line / TV Line