Deep breath — we promise everything’s going to be OK — but according to David Boreanaz’s twitter he was assaulted. By what? His daughter’s bed!

David’s tweet said “I just got beat up by a crib converting it to a toddler bed! They make these things so complicated to convert.” We’re guessing he’s talking about a bed belonging to his 2-year-old daughter Bella — who’s just at that age when little girls are ready to sleep in a “big girl’s bed.”

Credit: Twitter

Sure we love Booth, but we’re big fans of David in Daddy mode. He gets plenty of practice at it, as he and his wife Jaime Bergman have two kids: daughter Bella and son Jaden, 10. If you’re not already following David on Twitter you may not know that he loves to brag about his children’s unstoppable cuteness — and we’re not complaining!

Source: Twitter

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