Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) see dead people, and tragically none of them are Bruce Willis. This week's episode of Bones was more than a little unusual, in that it was told from the perspective of a skull.

Also, said skull was inhabited by a teenage ghost, who may or may not be related to Casper. We cried, we laughed, and we high-fived our TV, but we also WTF'd ourselves silly. Why? Please see the following list.

1. Angela Flirts With Human Remains

We've been worried about Angela (Michaela Conlin) ever since she started painting giant portraits of unicorns and rainbows, but this week she took a turn for the worse. Angela formed an intimate relationship with the remains of a dead teenage boy, and proceeded to flirt with them every chance she got. She even complimented said remains' sexy jaw-line. Sigh, we expect to find her making out with a skull any day now.

2. Smoke. So Much Smoke.

Bones' editorial interns had so much fun on iMovie this week, guys. The special effects were off the hook, especially the mysterious gusts of smoke that followed around Colin's skull. We can only assume this little dude spent the majority of his after-life blazed up in a ghosty hookah bar. With that in mind, maybe Angela's questionable behavior makes sense –– second-hand high, guys.

3. Ghosts Just Wanna Have Fun (And Play Acoustic Guitar)

So, why was Colin haunting The Jeffersonian? No, not because he wanted to see his killers arrested. Please, amature hour. Colin just wanted his high school crush to experience his inner songwriter. Yep, dude was an undiscovered wordsmith / imaginary member of Dave Matthew's Band, and he just wants everyone to hear his tunes. Which is totally worth haunting people over.

4. Hodgins Talks To Skull About The Joys Of Sex

We have several problems with Hodgins' (TJ Thyne) hang session with Colin's skull. 1) Hodgins was talking to an inanimate object. 2) Said object is the skull of a teenage boy. 3) Hodgins' conversation included musings about romance, love, and how awesome sex is. It's like, Hodgins. Colin was fourteen when he died. The only intimate relationship he had was with his skateboard. Please bridle your passions.

5. Colin Skates Off Into The Distance

You know what was really beautiful? Watching The Ghost Of Colin smoke out of his skull and re-form into a human body. And it was equally beautiful to watch Human-Ghost Colin peep on The Jeffersonian while smirking, only to skate off to heaven and play guitar to his fellow bro-sef angels.

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