Dr. Temperance

Socially awkward but brilliant, Dr. Temperance Brennan is a hyper-logical forensic anthropologist who just happens to write novels on the side. An employee of the Jeffersonian Institute, Temperance regularly helps the FBI solve murder cases involving bones that have been destroyed, burned, or otherwise "damaged"; she finds clues most detectives would miss. Her straight-to-the-facts personality makes her refreshingly honest — and often overwhelmingly blunt. But don't blame her: When she was just 15 her parents went missing and she ended up spending some time in foster care.

Her partner in crime-solving is Special Agent Seeley Booth, a rare man who isn't intimidated by her massive brain and cocky attitude. Booth affectionately calls Brennan "Bones," a nickname she used to protest but now embraces — along with other things Booth has taught her, like the importance of making eye contact. 



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