Lance Sweets

Psychologist Lance Sweets has an uncanny ability to see into people and tell whether they're lying or telling the truth. He often helps out on murder investigations with Dr. Temperance Brennan and Agent Seeley Booth, interviewing suspects to determine if they're hiding something. Booth used to give Sweets a tough time for his boyish good looks and innocent demeanor, but Sweets has since proven his abilities — and revealed a tougher side: He was abused as a boy and grew up in foster care. After opening up about his painful past, he and Booth began to enjoy a touching, father-son-esque relationship.

When Sweets isn't busy with a potential perp or leading a therapy session, he tries to get Booth and Brennan to admit their feelings for one another. He once went so far as to set up a double date with him and his girlfriend, April. Or make that ex-girlfriend, since he and April broke up shortly thereafter. Sweets got back on the romantic horse with Daisy, another "squint" who works with Bones. They eventually got engaged, but after Daisy left the country and didn't seem to care if he came along, Sweets let her go. This heartbreak gave him some much-needed maturity. (Of course, now that she's back in the country they can't keep their hands off one another.)

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