Bones Promo for Season 7, Episode 6: "The Crack in the Code" — Dissected Spines! (Oh, & The Finder, Too)

Credit: Fox on YouTube

Bones' midseason finale, Season 7, Episode 6: "The Crack in the Code," won't air until January 12. [Can't wait? Read all the spoilers here!] But right after our beloved show does return, stay tuned for an all-new episode of Bones spin-off The Finder! So what are you more excited about: The dissected vertebra and newly-introduced supervillain on Bones ... or the return of the quirky (and hopefully shirtless) Walter (Geoff Stults)? Is it okay if we're equally exited for both?

Original airdate: Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 8 and 9 pm on Fox


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