“Booty Back, Chest Out” Top 10 Quotes From ANTM All-Stars Cycle 17: Episode 8!
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America's Next Top Model

“Booty Back, Chest Out” Top 10 Quotes From ANTM All-Stars Cycle 17: Episode 8!

The All-Stars are back, and they’re bringing more than just their stunning looks and signature walks to the game. Check out the fiercest quotes from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17: All-Stars, Episode 8: “Game.” Not gonna lie, most of these doozies involve The Game confessing his deep love for Allison.

10. Game gives Jayonce (Dominique) some advice: “Booty back, chest out.”
Accentuate those assets, girl!

9. Lisa warns her fans: “If you wanna hang out with me, you better hold on tight.”
We’ll keep that in mind next time we get the urge to hang out with you.

8. Lisa: “I’m just gonna go hard.”
Jay: “Okay....”
Poor Jay is terrified of being violated.

7. Tyra addresses her subjects: “We are dwindling, dwindling, dwindling.”
A slight variation on “I’m melting, melting melting” –– courtesy of The Wicked Witch.

6. Dominique admires La Puchinetta: “Wow, Lisa raised the bar pretty high. She’s like, ‘f**k you and I don’t care.’”
Giving someone the eff-u is the pinnacle of star power!

5. Game directs Alexandria: “I still don’t feel like you are married to the car.”
We’re pretty sure that’s not even legal.

4. Game stares at Allison in awe: “Her face is like a work of art.”

We hope Game isn’t referring to Picasso.

3. Game watches Allison sing: “I love when that happens.”
“That,” being Allison in general.

2. Game critiques Allison: “You... you are weird. And it is the greatest thing in the world for me. You are the most weirdly beautiful person that I’ve ever seen in my life. And your eyes. They’re weird too. But they’re great.”
Game wants to make love in this club.

1. Game swoons over Allison: “She’s special, man. I’m attracted to her.”
Game gets what Game wants.

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