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Botched Season Finale Sneak Peek: Myshia Gets “Nip F—ked” (VIDEO)

Everyone knows that going down to Mexico for cheap plastic surgery isn’t a good idea, right? Wrong! Meet Myshia Daniels, a gorgeous girl from Los Angeles who decided to cross the border for some cheap Restylane shots to fix the bags under her eyes. Clearly it didn’t work out and she ended up on Botched seeking out the extremely talented duo of Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif.

“I went down to Mexico and paid someone $150 to mess me up,” Myshia tells the camera. “We live in L.A. and beauty is everything. All these gorgeous girls and their faces are so clear. I had puffiness under my eyes. It was horrible because it’s something on your face — you can’t hide it.”

Myshia claimed to have tried everything — “cucumbers, drinking water, going to sleep, hemorrhoid cream…it’s crap” — and that when she heard about Restylane shots fixing puffiness, she knew she’d found the answer.

“My friend told me about her cousin who worked in Mexico. She told me, ‘Oh, he’ll do you for $150.’ I was sold,” Myshia continued. “I went to Mexico to get nip tucked and I got nip f—ked. Once we got home, I started having a reaction to it. My eyes, they were turning darker — they were red and swelling and I just freaked out. Sham of a job he did on my face. A sham!”

It sounds like Myshia came to the right place to get this all sorted out!

The Season 1 finale of Botched airs Sunday, August 17, at 10:30 p.m. ET on E!