Bowel Movements, Bad Parallel Parking, and Chatroulette: The Best Moments from Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 7, Episode 19
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Bowel Movements, Bad Parallel Parking, and Chatroulette: The Best Moments from Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 7, Episode 19

It was a family affair this past Sunday as the whole Kardashian clan — minus Kendall Jenner and Lamar Odom — gathered to reminisce about the past couple of years and share never-before-seen footage with fans.

In a night
chock-full of bizarre moments, we had a hard time picking our favorites. Read on for the best outtakes from Season 7, Episode 19: “Dishing It Out.”

Scott and Kourtney’s “Special” Relationship
We wholeheartedly agree that Scott and Kourtney are a rare species of couple, but the bonus footage shown last night highlighted their uber-weird dynamic. From humping each other in pajamas on a grand piano to Kourtney trying to spit chewed up chips into Scott’s mouth, these two practically have their own secret language.

Rob’s Bromance Love Triangle With Scott and Lamar
As the only male sibling of the Kardashian family, Rob has embraced having Scott and Lamar around — maybe a bit too much at times! A series of unaired clips show Rob and Scott sharing some tender cheek kisses and an intimate nap, while Lamar and Rob annoy Khloe with their incessant male bonding moments. And scenes of Lamar taking Rob to get his first colon cleanse? If that’s not brotherly love, we don’t know what is.

Lamar and Khloe Talk Bodily Functions
Couples share everything, but Khloe apparently doesn’t like going number two around her hubby. In one unaired clip, Lamar confronts his wife about “hiding” her bowel movements. “I’m not hiding it!” Khloe declares. “Yes you are!” Lamar insists. Later in the episode, he handcuffs himself to Khloe to prove a point, making her stand in the doorway while he drops a deuce. Is this what marriage is really like?

Khloe Gets Wasted at Kim’s Wedding
We’ve always seen Khloe as the sister with her act together, but during Kim’s 2011 wedding to Kris Humphries, she got a little carried away with the booze. A short and hilarious take of Khloe shows her clumsily shoving one Kim’s three wedding dresses into a suitcase, knocking over a lamp in the process and slurring her words. Looks like she might have had too much fun at the reception!

Kourtney and Kim Tag Team a Parallel Parking Job in Beverly Hills
In an attempt to embarrass her sister, Kourtney picks up Kim in a Scott’s enormous pickup truck for a shopping jaunt in Beverly Hills. Kim is clearly appalled, and it gets worse when Kourtney attempts to parallel park on the street, stopping traffic in the process. Losing patience, Kim (wearing the most outrageous pair of pleated pants we’ve ever seen) takes the wheel and finishes up the job. Sometimes it takes two to get something done!

Khloe Cleanses the Aura of Her House and Rob’s Crotch — With a Sage Burning
We had no idea Khloe was the superstitious type! In a hilarious clip, she goes through each room of her house with burning sage to rid the premises of bad juju. She drags Rob into the bathroom to perform a “cleansing ceremony” over his crotch, ridding him of future STDs and accidental pregnancies. Because that’s what are older sisters for, right?

The Family That Chatroulettes Together Stays Together
We know the Kardashian sisters love the exciting rush of a good Chatroulette session, and one never-before-seen clip shows the whole family (minus the under-aged Kendall and Kylie) getting in on the action. Things get racy pretty fast as one guy shows them his penis and Kris declares, “That’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen!” Bruces sighs and says, “She’ll be in there for hours.”

Kim Strips Down Completely For an In-Home Spray Tan
It’s nice to see Kim savor the simple things in life, like getting a full-body spray tan in her own bathroom. In a scene that Khloe claims was “too hot for TV,” Kim gets an in-home visit from a visibly nervous spray tan technician, who proceeds to give her famous curves a detailed bronzing. Ever the protective mother, Kris asks, “Are you sure he’s gay?” He certainly got an eyeful, either way!

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