Usher Is Playing Which Real-Life Boxing Legend in an Upcoming Film?
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Usher Is Playing Which Real-Life Boxing Legend in an Upcoming Film?

Fans of The Voice may have noticed coach Usher sporting a little more hair up top during the Season 6 Blind Auditions. Well, the charming singer wasn’t just skipping his barber appointments — he was sporting the throwback ‘do for his role as boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard in the upcoming drama Hands of Stone.

But it seems most of our celeb-savvy friends on Viggle LIVE! already knew that! More than 90 percent correctly guessed that Usher was playing Sugar Ray, while nearly 7 percent thought he was following in Will Smith’s footsteps to portray Muhammad Ali. Only 3 percent guessed George Foreman of non-stick grill fame.

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We guess many folks could have made an educated guess if they’re up on their boxing stats. Both George and Muhammad were heavyweight champs, i.e. way too big to be portrayed by someone Usher’s size. While he’s certainly a heavyweight talent, at 5-foot-7 Ush definitely can’t pass for either of the 6-foot-3 legends.

Meanwhile, the highest weight class 5-foot-10 Sugar Ray ever qualified for was light heavyweight. Sure, that still makes him a few inches taller than Usher, but it looks like the singer achieved at least that much height with his hair!

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03.11.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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