1-Year-Old May Have Died After Ingesting a Laundry Detergent Pod
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1-Year-Old May Have Died After Ingesting a Laundry Detergent Pod

It is clear how a child could mistake one of those detergent packs such as Tide Pods as candy or a toy. They’re squishy and colorful and just about bite-sized. Unfortunately for one family in Florida, they recently lost their 1-year-old after he was thought to have ingested one of these poisonous pods.

"Probably these are not the best products to be in the homes of young children," Dr. Cynthia Younger of the Florida Poison Center told Click Orlando. "There are certainly other forms of laundry detergent available. But if they're going to be purchased, they need to be locked up, in a very high place so the children can't get them."

The dangers of these pods aren’t caused by swallowing the whole package. When the pods touch liquid such as saliva, they begin to dissolve, their barriers disintegrating, letting the detergent flow out and into the mouth. This is likely what happened to the toddler.

The boy and his mother were being housed at a shelter for battered women, so since the family has a history with the police, they are investigating further the cause of death. They are unsure whether the child was killed by ingesting the detergent pod, although that is the strongest lead at the moment, and the medical examiner indicated that it could be up to three months before the official ruling on his cause of death is determined.

This sort of casualty is not new in Florida, although these detergent pods were only released to the public last year. However, the poison center confirmed the first case of this sort of poison exposure in Florida occurred in May of last year. Nationwide, there were 6,231 reports of exposure in 2012 of children age 5 and under, and from January 1 to July 31 of this year, there have already been 5,753 reports.

Source: Click Orlando

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08.16.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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