12-Year-Old Holds Garage Sale To Help Pay His Mother’s Medical Bills (VIDEO)
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12-Year-Old Holds Garage Sale To Help Pay His Mother’s Medical Bills (VIDEO)

Grab your tissues, you’re going to need them when you hear about what a young boy from Ferguson, Missouri, has done for his mother, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I overheard her talking on the phone," 12-year-old Devon told KTVI. "I just asked her are you ok, because her tears were running down her face. She said she was failing me as a parent because she's always sick, and I had to help."

Christina Craig, who has had other health issues in the past including epilepsy and cervical cancer, is struggling to make ends meet as she decides on her treatment options. She feels guilty, getting emotional as she explains, “As a parent, you feel like you’re not doing your job.”

When Devon realized the trouble his mom was going through, he took to Craigslist. Given that he didn't have anything of his own to sell, Devon went straight for the 'free' section of the online classifides and began responding to peoples' posts with this simple email to try to get the ball rolling:

Hi this is Devon. I am the one that messaged you on Craigslist. My mom is amazing she and my dad take care of my two brothers, me and my sister. She has breast cancer and I heard her crying one day after she had her surgery. I thought she was hurt so I went to her door. I heard her say I’m losing everything because I am sick. We are about to lose our home, electric, gas and dad lost his job.

I went to my preacher and asked how can I help. He said to do a garage sale. I went to every house on my road getting donations for the garage sale..

My mom deserves the best and I want to help her because she helps everyone. Even with her sick she still works at the food pantry at our church. She says people have to eat and God blessed us to be part of a ministry that can feed people. I just wish it was mom’s turn to be blessed with a timeout like she says she needs. I hope we can get things together and I can really help my mom.

A bunch of donations have already come in and Devon has raised $120 so far. They are holding a two-day sale in their area on Saturday and Sunday. The Komen Foundation also got wind of this moving story, and is helping to pay some of Christina’s bills.

Despite her illness, Christina still volunteers at her church's food pantry. She sets a wonderful example for her children, especially Devon, who said she has always told him that when you "do good things, good things come back to you."

This story renewed our faith in mankind. What an inspirational young man.

Source: KTVI

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