8-Year-Old Saves His Grandmother From a Disastrous Inferno
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8-Year-Old Saves His Grandmother From a Disastrous Inferno

A house fire is disastrous enough, but on Saturday, a fire ripped through five homes in Calvert, Texas, destroying the homes and everything inside. One boy, who was over at his grandmother’s house playing a game, sprang to the rescue at just the right time to save his grandmother from the flames.

According to KHOU, 8-year-old James Wilbore first heard the glass breaking, and at that moment, he went into rescue mode. He was staying with his 67-year-old grandmother and instinctively knew what he had to do to get her to safety. She was his first priority.

"I opened the window real fast and then I got my granny out. I said, 'Granny, Granny get out! The fire is coming right in the house,' because the fire had bust the door open," James said.

As James was pulling his grandmother out of the house, neighbors came to help, and eventually they were all clear of the inferno.

Two firefighters tackling the blaze required medical attention, with one sent to the hospital for dehydration and heat exhaustion and the other treated on-site.

"Its just a total loss. A total disaster,” said Laterika Brooks, a resident who lost her home in the fire. “There's no way you can get anything back. It's just gone.”

Thankfully, James’s grandmother was able to make it out with the help of her young grandson. James says he doesn’t want a prize or recognition for what he did and that he’s just happy his grandma is safe, but we’d like to recognize him anyway. Way to go, James! Perhaps a future as a firefighter isn’t too far off?

Source: KHOU

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08.5.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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