Jenelle Evans’s Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Apologizes For Yelling at Barbara
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans’s Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Apologizes For Yelling at Barbara

We were clutching our pearls in horror during this week's dramatic episode of Teen Mom 2, in which Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, got into an epic fight with Jenelle's mom, Barbara. At this point, we're used to Babs and Jenelle going head-to-head, but we felt especially bad for our favorite New England broad this week. Babs came all the way to Dirty Myrtle just to visit Jenelle post-surgery, and what did she get? Yelled at for meddling, that's what.

Turns out Barbara had some concerns about whether or not Jenelle was being used by Nathan, and he ended up having a studly meltdown during her visit, accusing her of getting Jenelle addicted to heroin, and of stealing away her son, Jace. Barbara's feelings were definitely hurt (she probably drowned her sorrows in a wine box, poor lady), but these days she gets along super well with Nathan, who took it to Twitter to apologize for his behavior.

"Anything that was said or done in tonight's show, regardless who was right or wrong, it was embarrassing for me to do," Nathan tweeted. Meanwhile, Jenelle also hit social media, and was slightly more defensive. "I'm sorry but my mom constantly use to rag on [Nathan] all the time, I was so sick of hearing it," she explained.

To be fair to Jenelle, she managed to stay out of Nathan and Barbara's fight (at least for the most part), so clearly she's maturing before our very eyes. Now excuse us while we go #prayforjenellesappendix.

03.12.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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